Tokenization with high technology STO - Security Token Offering.

What is an STO?

The STO is a token issued with blockchain technology, represents conventional digitized values. Turning the 'capital' into a technology that can be programmed with executable rules through a smart contract; offering financial rights to investors, such as: shares, profit dividends, revenue sharing, vote casting, etc.

With the introduction of STOs, a simple way to raise funds appears in a short time and safely.
WebTurbo Services designs a security token with high quality, supporting its entire process with highly qualified specialists.

Tokenize using STO - Security Token Offering?

The current status of the ICO is fraught with obstacles as many companies lack clarity about their purpose and structure. This creates uncertainty on the part of institutional investors to invest in them to this adds their null regulation, lack of financial transparency, market volatility, ghost coin projects and more.

This has led the world to develop the STO -Security Token Offering-

Security tokens are digitized assets, backed by a tangible asset that represent real-world financial values.
This model will automatically come to give legitimacy to future offers of public and private digital tokens.

Now to create any STO it is important to define the asset to –Tokenize-.

Which assets could Tokenizar?

The actions of their companies, a real estate development, a tomato greenhouse, silver mines, an art collection, a movie or TV series, their original Super Nintendo cartridges, etc.

Through the tokenization of securities we obtain a hybrid financial instrument that has both the benefits of traditional goods and those of the digital era where all rights are written in their respective smart contract.

Security tokens are designed to digitize assets that are known to have better legal clarity compared to their counterparts. Something that will be liked by our friends in the National Banking and Securities Commission.

What advantages does it have?


* World markets 24/7.
* Reduction of direct costs and commissions per transaction.
* Personal asset management.
* Automatic liquidity and market depth.
* Access to new investors.
* Compliance and automated regulation.
* Identity validation via KYC (Know Your Customer)
* International scalable model.


In WebTurbo Services we customize each project with STO to adapt it to the characteristics and needs of the most demanding business module. No intermediary is needed between the company and the investors, so the commission cost for the intermediary is eliminated.
The characteristics of the security tokens comply with the SEC (security commission and exchange).


Blockchain technology allows all parties involved in the project to have full access to it and are all updated at the same level on the point of development in which the process is.


During the token development we provide a high security digital wallet to store your tokens. Each wallet will have the required legal requirement and each investor the rights to dispose of their tokens.

Global Investor Participation:

Our token can be marketed in all countries, complying with all established security measures.

Own Block Chain:

Security tokens are developed by their own blockchain, which gives you full control. So you should not worry about protocol changes and gas prices.

How to raise funds with STO?

Through blockchain technology, STOs give liquidity to venture capital investments, as these tokens are real financial values that are backed by a company's assets, equity, profits or income.


STO Technology: The Ethereum ERC20 is made on the basis of a smart and programmable contract that is used to create a security token with advanced functionality. The WebTurbo Service STO is created based on the client's business requirements.

Automated Dividends

The investment will be automatically transferred to the investor's portfolio. The digital wallet is secured with blockchain technology and elliptic curve cryptography.

Participation / Benefits:

The investor can dispose of his money in the form of tokens deposited directly in the digital wallet assigned in his own account (User Profile).

Voting Rights

As shareholders, STO owners have the same rights to vote and make a decision in the company.

Repurchase rights.

The company buys the shares of investors in the market and provides the share of the property guarantee distributed to investors.


In WebTurbo Services we customize each project with STO to adapt it to the characteristics and needs of the most demanding business module.


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Do you need an STO?

We are among the best in the market at STO, with one of the biggest crowdsale. The security token is something that is continually being developed today.

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